I build and brand digital products.

1. My Products


Statlas is a sports news platform bringing fans graphic reports that update live with each game. The app converts real-time baseball game data into visual box scores, highlighting the top plays of every game, every day. In addition to auto-generated textual explanations, fans can read insights by other users, as each graphic is annotatable.

I co-founded, designed, and launched Statlas with partners Dan Chaparian and Geoff Beck.

Y-Combinator interviewee

"The prettiest MLB box scores you can find" -Deadspin

"Statlas's ultimate feat is that it reveals the supple statistical beauty that orchestrates every baseball game, all through the power of design" -Fast Company

Charting the Beatles

ChartingTheBeatles.com is an ongoing infographic study I designed and developed, mapping musical patterns across the band's history.

Posters available for purchase.

2009 version of project featured in dozens of blogs, including Gawker, Kottke, Brain Pickings, The Guardian.

Pollen Magazine

Design and illustration for a magazine-book of essays, poetry, photography, and short fiction. All illustrations are collages cut from the dioramas and minerals in the American Museum of Natural History.

Available for purchase online, in London's Tate Modern, and in NYC's McNally Jackson Books.


Co-founded with Dan Chaparian and Geoff Beck, Scorecast is a sports data product that uses predictive algorithms to project the outcomes of sports games and recommend players for daily fantasy lineups.

Presented on the main stage at the 2014 On Deck Sports & Technology Conference

Song of the Humpback Whale

Humpback whales sing sequences of sounds that are rich with musical structure. I devised a graphic notation system to reveal these patterns, collaborating with David Rothenberg, a musician and philosopher whose books explain phenomena of art in nature.

Check out more examples of the graphic system in the article I co-authored with David on cultural evolution in humpbacks: "Whales synchronize their songs across oceans, and there's sheet music to prove it".

Posters available for purchase.

Covered in The New York Times and The Wire magazine

2. Client Projects


I was commissioned in 2011 to design the brand identity for an as-of-yet unknown image bookmarking service. I collaborated with Juan Carlos Pagan to design the identifying mark for one of the world's most successful startups.

HOW Magazine, Best Logotype (2011)

Type Directors Club 58 Certificate of Excellence 2012


I was contracted by Pentagram partner Michael Bierut to redesign the iconic Billboard music charts as part of the 2012 redesign of the magazine. The simplified information architecture optimizes scannability, and the new visual system also allows for in-line photo content and blurbs to enliven the text-heavy tables.

Design team: Laitsz Ho, Lisa Maione, Deva Pardue and Jessica Svendsen.


I worked with editors and graphics team at Bloomberg Businessweek to research and develop a suite of information graphics for a special issue on the 5-year anniversary of the financial collapse. The designs map innerworkings of investment banks, the shifting landscape of global leadership, and various economic effects of the crisis.

Shout-outs to the design team: Cynthia Hoffman, Rob Vargas, Allison McCann, Dorothy Gambrell, Evan Applegate, Chris Nosenzo, and Richard Turley + friends.

Zoo York

Apparel design for storied East Coast skateboarding brand.


I provided Umbro with a proprietary, repurposable data visualization system that illustrated every pass, shot, and goal from the World Cup in South Africa. This content was used on Umbro's blog and various social media pages.

"The Best Visualization of the World Cup Matches" -Fast Company

Set record for Umbro's most trafficked blog post

3. Employment

Google Creative Lab (2011-2012)

Here I worked with awesome folk on a range of products and Google-branded campaigns. I designed product features for Chrome and Search, developed concepts for algorithmically generated YouTube music videos, and worked on a small team to develop the brand for Project Loon (Google's network of internet balloons).

Local Projects (2011)

Local Projects is a playground of experiential design projects involving touchscreen walls, projection mapping, augmented reality, and of course robots. I designed interactive experiences for permanent museum exhibitions and other physical spaces.

My primary project was contributing designs for a suite of touchscreen experiences in the Cleveland Museum of Art. The project went on to collect awards from by AIGA, D&AD, and the Muse awards.

Pictured here is a touchscreen timeline for the National Museum of African American History and Culture, currently under construction in Washington DC.

Pentagram (2010-2011)

Worked with Lisa Strausfeld and team to design websites and permanent interactive museum exhibitions to help users navigate rich information spaces. Our Household Energy Calculator project for GE was displayed in the MoMA. I redesigned sections of the Columbia Business School and Harvard GSD sites, I worked on the interactive presentation for the United States’ bids for 2018/2022 World Cup, and developed information design strategies for McDonald’s menu boards (ie. decks filled with burgers).

Our Household Energy Calculator for GE was:

Exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art's "Talk to Me" exhibition

Awarded in Type Directors Club TDC 57

Awarded in AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness (2011)

Selected for AIGA's Design Archives

Designed with Hilla Katki, Adam Suharja, and Takaaki Okada.

4. About

Thanks for your interest in my work. I was raised in Seattle, and live in Brooklyn. I'm always down to chat about collaborating, or to debate favorite hip hop beats. So feel free to say hello: